I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I am based as a saxophonist, clarinettist, sonic artist and composer, active in New Zealand and Australian exploratory music communities. In addition to reeds I play keyboard and found objects. My influences are eclectic.

My doctoral dissertation ‘Acoustic illuminations: recorded space as soundscape composition’ (2014) draws upon field recording and improvisation. This work featured locations in New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka. My soundscape works have been awarded the Lilburn Prize for Composition three times.

Ongoing projects include collective 'Poltroon' with Joe McCallum and special guests, sound design and music for Free Theatre (recently for 'The Black Rider' and 'Frankenstein') , as well as multi-disciplinary collaborations with dance (Movement Art Practice), sculpture, circo-arts, poetry and film. In 2017 I coordinated the Party Of Special Things To Do festival.

In 2016 I played in the Music Matters Festival in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2015 I was awarded a fellowship to the Music Omi residency in New York, where I collaborated with 13 international musicians . In 2009 I visited Sri Lanka for collaboration between traditional ritual artists and western improvisers, from which the group ‘Baliphonics’ was formed. 

I have embraced an exploratory focus, performing collaboratively and solo at music festivals and concert series such as the Now Now, Bomb the Space, and Fredstock. Highlight encounters include Shoji Hano, Franzisca Baumann, Kris Wanders, Misha Marks, Susan Alcorn, Sum Suraweera, Greg Malcolm, Julia Harvey, Kyungmi Kim The Splinter Orchestra, Clayton Thomas, Jeff Henderson, Daniel Weltlinger, Matt Earle, Xavier Charles, Adam Sussmann, Irene Kepl, Paul Buckton, Ivan Mrsic, Rory Brown, Andrew McMillan, Adrian Klumpes, Joseph McCallum, Delaney Davidson, Rory Dalley, Simon Barker, Richard Nunns, Rod Cooper and Karl Ludwig Hubsch.